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Effective Portfolio Management

Did you know that most property management companies often charge as much as 100% of the first month of collected rent? Then, an ongoing 10% of the gross monthly rent each month thereafter. Additionally, every property management company offers a menu of services that you can purchase as “added value”. At RentFix, most of these services are already included in our packages- a real value.

For instance, is your rental property properly set up as a business? If not, you could be personally exposed to claims that may arise out of actions or events on the property over which you had no control. We think you’ll agree, these are important considerations when entering into any business.

We do not have “30 years of experience”

Nor is our experience 30 years old. It’s brand new! The property management industry still operates the same way it did 30 years ago. It’s time for something new. At RentFix, our mission is simple – provide effective real portfolio management with no setup fees and guaranteed rent checks even if the property is vacant. In fact, when you hire us to manage your investment, you get a check within 15 days. Partner with RentFix. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

We’re sure you’ve heard these lines before – “We treat your property like it’s our own!” or “We don’t get paid unless you do!” Well at RentFix, we’ve thrown those ideas out. Your property isn’t like our own, it’s a business and should be treated like one. Our business is managing your real estate portfolio. When you hire us to manage your business and we don’t deliver, we believe you should still get a monthly rent check – and with RentFix, you will.